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ID Supply Laminates are made from the best materials and adhesives available. We offer many different styles, sizes and thicknesses for your lamination needs including laminates with Hi-Co and Lo-Co Magnetic stripes as well as Bar Code Masks, for more information see Laminate Specifications. Our standard laminates are available from ID Card sizes up to restaurant menu size. Our Butterfly Pouches when used with Teslin ID Card inserts allow you to create borderless ID Cards. For a quick tutorial see How To Make A Teslin ID Card.
Butterfly Laminates are used with a Teslin card insert to create a lasting borderless adhesive bond for protection and rigidity without the need of a clear sealing edge.
Standard Laminates are typically used for paper materials that require a clear sealing edge to create an adhesive bond for protecting the media being laminated.

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