Types of Laminates
Standard Laminates require a clear edge seal around the paper insert to create a lasting adhesive bond for protection and rigidity. For ID Card size laminates it is recommended to maintain an 1/8” sealing edge around the card. For larger size letter laminates it is recommended to maintain a 1/4" sealing edge.

Butterfly Laminates when used with a Teslin Card Insert create a long lasting (edge-to-edge) borderless adhesive bond for protection and rigidity without the need for the clear sealing edge. All butterfly pouches have rounded corners and match the same size Teslin Card Insert. Butterfly Pouches are made from the highest quality American made laminates.

Butterfly Pouches are available in five sizes:

  • Credit Card Size: 2.125" x 3.375"
  • Data Card Size: 2.328" x 3.25"
  • Military Size: 2.625" x 3.875"
  • Luggage Tag: 2.5" x 4.25"
  • Jumbo/File Card: 3.5" x 5.5"


Magnetic Stripe- available on 7 and 10 mil Credit Card Pouches

The Magnetic Stripe may be located as shown above or the same distance from the top edge. Once the pouch is laminated, it will conform to the ISO Specification 7811 in either case. This is our option, and not user selectable. The magnetic stripe is typically black for high coercivity magnetic stripes (left image) whereas the stripe is usually brown for the pouches with a low coercivity magnetic stripe (right image).

Bar Code Mask- available on 7 and 10 mil Credit Card and IBM/Data Card Pouches

The purpose of the bar code mask is to prevent anyone from easily copying the bar code. The mask is made of translucent black ink. You must use a barcode that is printed with either pigmented black inks or a laser printer. To read the bar code under the mask you must use infra red bar code mask readers. The mask is positioned as shown to the left. The bar code mask is 5/8" high. Also see Clearance Pouches.

Teslin ID Card Thickness
Industry standard PVC Cards are .030 (30 mils) thick. When using our (10 mil) Teslin products with our (10 mil) Butterfly Laminating Pouches it will create a finished ID Card with the same industry standard (30 mil) thickness. A Butterfly Laminate is a one piece laminate scored down the center which folds in half perfectly, the laminate adds (10 mils) to each side of the Teslin to create the (30 mil) total thickness.

(10 mil) laminates will create a (30 mil) finished ID Card which is a hard card.
(7 mil) laminates will create a (24 mil) finished ID Card which is flexible.
(5 mil) laminates will create a (20 mil) finished ID Card which is more flexible.

Equipment Required
You will need an inkjet or laser printer and a laminator. You can use many different types of software to send your ID card images to the printer, however if you are managing a list of cardholders and various ID card designs the process can be dramatically simplified by using our low cost ID Badge making software EspressoID®.

Supplies Needed
Teslin ID Card sheets and Butterfly laminates.

Teslin Cards compared to PVC Cards
A standard printed PVC card has a relatively short life. High quality PVC Card Printers offer the ability to apply a laminate to the printed card, which extends the life of the card, however increases the cost which is prohibitive for most organizations. Teslin ID cards when laminated offer a great alternative. They are actually more durable than a laminated PVC card and you don’t have the expense and maintenance of the high-end printer. Another advantage of Teslin ID cards is that the vast majority of PVC card printers only print on credit card size PVC blanks, with Teslin ID cards we offer 5 different sizes to allow you to create the ID Card size you need. We also can also manufacture custom sizes.