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Teslin® is a synthetic material used in making ID and event cards. Teslin® Paper offers an affordable alternative to other kinds of material. Teslin® is waterproof and tear resistant making it more durable than standard paper. The material can be laminated with one of our Butterfly Laminating Pouches to create a borderless ID card that will last much longer than a standard PVC card. All of our Teslin material is 10 mils thick (.010").

We offer a complete line of pre-perforated Teslin® ID cards that can be printed on using any standard inkjet or laser desktop printer. For a quick tutorial see the How to Make an ID Card section of our website or for more information about Teslin® Paper you can visit our Teslin® products page. We also offer FREE downloadable Teslin® Templates for our 1-up, 3-up, 6-up, and 8-up layouts.

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Material Information
How to Make an ID Card
Card Templates
Teslin® Paper - Laser
Standard "Laser" Teslin® SP-1000 uncoated standard paper for use in Inkjet printers utilizing pigmented inks, Laser printers and litho printers.
Teslin® Paper - Inkjet
Inkjet Teslin® IJ-1000WP coated Inkjet paper for use with dye based ink printers. Most Inkjet Printers today use pigmented inks and work great with Standard "Laser" Teslin.

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