Printed Teslin 1-up Card


Print Your card using the printer of your choice on our perforated Teslin Card Sheets. We have five sizes of 1-up sheets and 6 and 8 card credit card sheets. EspressoID will automatically enlarge any background image to make sure it goes over the perforations so that you end up with a full bleed card if so desired. You can print both the front and back side of the sheet. If using EspressoID, the program will prompt you to re-insert the sheet to print the back.

   (STEP 1) Remove the Card

Pull the Teslin sheet as shown to separate the side attachment tabs.

   (STEP 2) Remove the Card

Now, peel the card out of the sheet. The micro-perforations allow you to easily remove the card.

   (STEP 3) Insert the card into the Pouch

Place the Teslin card into a Butterfly Pouch.

   (STEP 4) Place in Carrier

Now insert the Card and Pouch into a carrier. Always use a carrier as it will keep your laminating rollers clean. We ship a carrier with each hundred pouches.

   (STEP 5) Laminate

The Laminator should be set at approximately 250°F. Now place the carrier into the laminator, folded end first. Hold unto the carrier until the rollers start pulling the carrier into the laminator.

   Finished Card - Front

Front View- You now have a durable laminated Teslin Card.

   Finished Card - Back

And the back.

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