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What is a Holokote®?
HoloKote, patented by Ultra Electronics, is a secure watermark that is printed on to the card surface during the normal print cycle using standard consumables (ribbons and cards). The patented Magicard HoloKote® anti-forgery card protection eliminates the threat from fake IDs.

The HoloKote image is frosted into the clear overcoat application of the standard print process resulting in a watermark like layer that can be visually verified when the card is tilted in the light.

With the Magicard Rio Pro and the Magicard Rio Pro Duo ID card printers, users can opt for Custom HoloKote – enabling the implementation of a personalized HoloKote watermark into the standard print process. This watermark could be an organization’s logo, or some other unique security design.

Custom HoloKote activation kits can only be generated by Magicard and a secure record of all kits created is kept to prevent counterfeiting and fraud. A Custom HoloKote activation kit consists of a CD containing the customized design and a unique RFID card. The customized design is loaded from the CD to the flash memory of the printer via a connected PC. The user must then insert the RFID card, tied to that specific custom design, into a special slot in the printer to enable the production of the customized watermark on the ID badge during the print cycle. Without the secure RFID card, the watermark will not be printed.

What kind of options can I choose from in this kit?
There are two layouts for the custom HoloKote, which can be seen below. The first is the GRID design which is your logo or design displayed multiple times across your card. The second layout is the FLEX design which is a full size, secure custom HoloKote watermark. Custom HoloKote FLEX imprints a logo watermark of any size and location on the card.

Custom HoloKote Grid


Custom HoloKote FLEX


Besides choosing from different layouts you also have the option of adding a locking feature to HoloKote RFID card that comes with the kit. The locking feature adds extra security for your printer and custom HoloKote design by disabling your printer unless the RFID card is plugged into your printer. This allows you to make sure no one has access to printing cards on your printer unless you want them to.

How is the HoloKote® printed onto the card?
Color cards are printed using a thermal transfer YMCKO dye film. After the color image has been printed onto the card, the clear Overcoat panel is applied to protect the image from fading or scratching. Magicard’s thermal transfer printer models have a unique facility called HoloKote for frosting a security watermark into the clear overcoat during the print process. This is a patented feature and unlike most other security logos, it involves no extra cost of printing.


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