What is a Holokote®?
A HoloKote is an anti-copying watermark printed across the card surface. When the card is tilted, the HoloKote watermark provides visual authentication. There is no additional cost involved in printing HoloKote cards.

The patented Magicard HoloKote® anti-forgery card protection eliminates the threat of fake IDs.
How is a HoloKote® printed onto the card?
Color cards are printed using a thermal transfer YMCKO dye film. After the color image has been printed onto the card, the clear Overcoat panel is applied to protect the image from fading or scratching. Magicard’s thermal transfer printer models have a unique facility called HoloKote for frosting a security watermark into the clear overcoat during the print process. This is a patented feature and unlike most other security logos, it involves no extra cost of printing.

Available on all Magicard printers (except the Prima Series), the built-in HoloKote® watermark is a user option controlled by driver settings.