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Genuine Fargo PVC Cards

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Item #: 82266

Pricing per box of 500 cards



Fargo 82266 UltraCard with Adhesive paper backs are CR-80 size cards with a 10 mil thickness. Fargo's 82266 UltraCards are designed and manufactured with the highest graphic quality materials to ensure clean, scratch-free cards for high-quality prints and extended print head life. The PVC cards are quality inspected and shrink wrapped in packages of 100, for protection and convenience.

  • Material: 100% PVC Plastic
  • Front: Blank White PVC
  • Back: Adhesive paper
  • 10 mil Thickness (.010 inch)
  • CR-80 Credit Card Size (2-1/8” x 3-3/8”)
  • Graphics Quality on Front Side
  • 500 Cards Per Box


Fargo 82266 UltraCards must be handled with extra care. They can be easily contaminated by dirt, oils, and dust particles. Running contaminated PVC cards through your printer can ruin the print quality of the card and can cause damage to the internal print head. Keeping your cards stored in a safe environment and handling the cards by the edges can help reduce the possibility of these types of problems.

Pricing per box of 500 cards

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