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Pricing per box of 500 cards


We also carry a generic Composite Card with HiCo Mag Stripe


Fargo 82137 UltraCard Premium Hi-Co Mag Stripe composite cards are credit card size (CR-80) with a 30 mil thickness. CR-80 30 mil cards are the standard size and thickness of most identification cards being used today. Fargo's 82137 UltraCard Premiums are designed and manufactured with the highest graphic quality materials to ensure clean, scratch-free cards for high-quality prints and extended print head life. Composite material construction provides for maximum durability, flexibility and card life, with optimal resolution print quality for re-transfer printing, lamination and fluorescent panel ribbon printing applications.

These PVC cards are used in Fargo’s direct-to-card and re-transfer card printers and are the preferred cards for High Definition Printing (HDP) applications. Fargo 82137 UltraCards are perfect for: ID cards, gift cards, business cards, membership cards and loyalty cards. The PVC cards are quality inspected and shrink wrapped in packages of 100, for protection and convenience.

  • Material: 60% PVC and 40% Polyester Composite
  • Blank White Front and Back
  • 1/2" High-Coercivity (Hi-Co) Magnetic Stripe
  • 30 mil Thickness (.030 inch)
  • CR-80 Credit Card Size (2-1/8” x 3-3/8”)
  • More durable and less brittle than a standard 100% PVC card making them ideal for colder climates
  • Replaces discontinued Part No. 81762
  • 500 Cards Per Box


Fargo 82137 UltraCards must be handled with extra care. They can be easily contaminated by dirt, oils, and dust particles. Running contaminated PVC cards through your printer can ruin the print quality of the card and can cause damage to the internal print head. Keeping your cards stored in a safe environment and handling the cards by the edges can help reduce the possibility of these types of problems.

Pricing per box of 500 cards

We also carry a generic Composite Card with HiCo Mag Stripe

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