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Magicard Enduro+ or Magicard Rio Pro drop-in upgrade kit allows you to easily convert your Enduro+ or Rio Pro single sided printer to a double-sided printer. The upgrade ribbon is placed in your printer just like a standard ribbon, turn the printer on and your your printer firmware will be activated to allow double sided printing. The upgrade ribbon can then be used as a standard MA250YMCKOK ribbon with 250 prints.

Magicard Dual Sided Upgrade Kit is compatible with both the Enduro+ single sided printer and the Rio Pro single sided printer.

Double Sided Installation Guide:
Step 1: Power up your printer, display shows "Enduro+" or "Rio Pro".
Step 2: Open the lid and remove any dye film that may have been previously installed.
Step 3: Load the special "upgrade coded" MA250YMCKOK ribbon supplied with your upgrade kit.
Step 4: Close the lid.
Step 5: The display now shows "Enduro+ Duo" or "Rio Pro Duo".
Step 6: Start duplex printing!